Final Page Revealed for Issue 1!

Issue No. 1 is now fully available as a free web comic! Next week, we start Issue No. 2.

As a bonus, here's a sneak peek at Issue No. 3!

Enjoying the series so far? Want to see more Jack of Spades and more frequently? Pick up a printed copy of Issue No. 1 and 2 so we can keep paying our amazing creative team!

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Massive Update! 3 New Pages Revealed

Massive Update! 3 New Pages Revealed

We're following up our week-long hiatus during Emerald City Comicon with 3 new pages from The Saga of the Jack of Spades Web Comic.

You can still support our series by purchasing the digital releases or ordering prints. As promised, here's a full page preview from Issue No. 3, due out this Spring.

-The JOS Team

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